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Business & Marketing Strategy

Many times a marketing strategy reveals a weakness in your business plan.
If you’re having trouble articulating:
  1. What your product is
  2. The specific problem your solving
  3. Who your ideal customer is

Then you might have a business strategy weakness, and we will help you fix that.

This exercise a valuable check-and-balance before you go to market on a new product, or a rebranding.

Storytelling for Branding

“People love to buy, but they hate to be sold”

So how do you get people to buy your product without selling to them?
That is the conundrum of marketing.
Our approach is using storytelling, and persuasive writing.
Research shows marketing and communications shared in a storytelling narrative is twenty times more successful.

Here is one of my favorite examples, it’s an ad for Mercedes Benz.
The message is clear, this is a safe car. But every car company makes that claim. No one advertises that the car might not be safe, but it’s a really good deal!
But all great writers know that you don’t tell the reader who the character is,
you show them who the character is through their actions.

What My Clients are Saying

Go-to-market strategy and launch for SaaS software

“Gene is a storytelling mastermind. My sales video came out 10x more effective with his help. I look forward to working with him on future projects.”
Outcome: Increased their past conversion rate by 400%

Jason Barnes, CEO, Flight Schedule Pro SaaS Software
Flight Schedule Pro, SaaS Software Company, Kansas City, KS

Re-design of website and white paper messages

“It was a real pleasure working with Gene. We were going through a challenging storytelling process. He had the sensitivity to understand what we needed and translated that into a clear, clever message. He was patient, always willing to help until we found the solution which fully satisfied our partners. Such a pleasure to work with a professional who is insightful, enlightening and a great writer. He is a true storyteller and only a few left in this world. This guy is worth every extra cent you invest in his abilities to improve your business.”

Sebastian Yanez, Partner, YGDesigns
YG -Designs, International Wine Label and Branding Co. Mendoza, Argentina

Re-branding project with a major client

“Collaborating with Gene on our branding project was a fantastic experience. He was extremely communicative and understood quickly our needs for the project, and executed on that extremely well. We will be working with Gene in the future for branding collaborations. Thanks Gene!”

Elizabeth Reese, Everspark Interactive, Digital Advertising Agency
Everspark Interactive, A Digital Advertising Agency, Atlanta, GA

Write keynote speech for major CBD industry convention

“Gene was laser-fast responsive and provided exceptional work. I will be using him again in the future.”

Michael Brubeck, CEO, Centuria Foods, CBD Tech Company
Centuria Foods, A CBD Tech Company, Carson City, NV

Create a Marketing & Business Strategy, Go-To-Market Strategy

“Gene is an amazing marketing guru who truly is the whole package. He can strategize and execute. If you need consulting or a deliverable, Gene can do it all! I really enjoyed working with him because he always has such creative, cost efficient, and effective solutions. He is also patient, organized, communicative, and extremely connected. I will hire again for our next marketing campaign! A++++++”

Lyndee MacDonald, Principal Consultant, ChellOps
ChellOps, A SaaS Software Company, Phoenix, AZ